Saturday, October 11, 2008

Loose Produce, Como

Today I felt like I'd stepped back in time when I stumbled into a little grocer's shop in Como called Loose Produce that I'd never seen before. Everything from flour to coffee beans to spices were neatly labelled in cannisters and, through a viewing window, a young girl poured flour into hessian sacks. Except for the eye-watering prices of some of the items ($7.50 for a litre of OJ), it was all very Little House on the Prairie.

The proprieters are clearly passionate about high-quality, organic produce, with most items being gluten and/or wheat-free. There are numerous classes conducted in-store (gluten-free cooking; how to use your Thermomix; skincare and reflexology, amongst others). There's even a kids' cooking class in the school holidays. I don't know if I'll ever be a regular, but I know where to go if I ever get the urge for real drinking chocolate. And that reflexology looks damn tempting.


neil said...

I always get that uneasy feeling I'm getting touched with some of the prices charged for organics and while some is superior, not all of it is. The shame is, I do want to buy it.

Anonymous said...

loose produce is pretty good but i do agree some of their prices take the piss a bit.

i do enjoy being able to buy valrhona cocoa powder by weight tho


Jen said...

Neil - yes, I know just what you mean. I kept thinking "You live in an affluent society. You can afford it". Trouble is, I didn't know if I wanted to.

Sanj - I think I'll be shopping there purely for voyeurism in future. I wonder if the prices reflect the quality, or the suburb..