Sunday, March 1, 2009

Published Work

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to enquire after me, it was much appreciated. Health is on the up-and-up now, although life has gone into complete overdrive this year so I can't see the blog continuing in the foreseeable future. So even though it is pretty much kaput these days, I will continue to keep my published articles site up-to-date for work purposes. Cheers!


Rachel said...

I'm glad to hear that your health is on the mend now. I'm sorry about the blog but I'm sure I'll continue to read your work on Your Restaurants, in Spice Magazine and around the traps.

Take care.

All Seasons Catering said...

Hi, as a Perth catering company we hve been looking for a local food blog or two to contribute to. Whilst we can see that yours is n longer active, we still thought that we would write to say how much we appreciate you leaving the link to your published articles.