Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brittania, Bentley

Faggot, haggis & pork pie

It must be in the blood, or maybe it's because my Dad spent an awful lot of my childhood hunting down pork pies that reminded him of Yorkshire. Whatever it is, these days I can't go past a good pork pie. And when the chef's from that neck of the woods too, you know you're on track to getting something halfway authentic.

Brittania is a little shop on Albany Highway, hidden away between tyre repair workshops and cheap rug outlets. It's actually a coffee lounge and lunch bar, but they also have a great deli selection of delicacies from the motherland. And it's all made in-house. There's pork pies, white pudding, black pudding, faggots ($2), haggis ($14.95), mushy peas, steak pies ($1.30 each) and Scotch eggs.

Now I just have to try and figure out how to send it over to my dear old da in Melbourne.


Julie said...

Mmmmm! I love me some pork pies too!

Jen said...

Julie - they are the best, esp these ones!

Angie said...

Faggots? lol I always thought the real meaning of 'faggot' was a bundle of sticks?

Jen said...

Angie - oh I'm not even going there..!