Friday, September 12, 2008

Pasta @ The Re Store

Having owned an Italian restaurant in a former life, I find I now can't go past homemade pasta. I still miss my nightly fix of Mrs Q's fettucine with salami, zucchini & olives in a tomato sauce with a smidge of cream. Considering I don't make my own pasta, sugo di pomodoro or salami I've never even come close to replicating it. But at least I can buy fresh pasta. It has so much more bite than the pre-packaged variety and takes far less time to cook. We bought this bundle of fresh fettucine from the Re Store in Leederville today for $4.50 for around 500gm, and I plan to do as little to it as possible. It'll get a dunk in boiling water, a dollop of good sugo (from the nice Italian couple who bottle their own at the Victoria Park markets), some fresh basil and a bit of grated cheese on top. Can't wait.


Kayozhi said...

Yummi... I love it.
Great bllog, Congratullation

Edward said...


Love to know of the result. I always wonder whether to buy pasta when I visit the Re store, I usually settle for small goods and wine. . .

Jennifer Susanto-Lee said...

Kayozhi - terima kasih!

Edward - uh was beautiful! Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...


where are the vic park markets with this good sugo?


Jen said...

Hi Sanj - the markets are on the first Sunday of every month I believe. In the park near the library and The Park shopping centre. The Italian couple also sell a fantastic array of home-grown herbs.


Sanj said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks, will try and get there for the next one.