Monday, June 2, 2008

Indonesian Banqueting

So my parents-in-law are in town from Indonesia at the moment and tonight we all got together to enjoy some of Mum S's excellent cooking. First up was Hainan chicken with ginger and plain boiled rice served alongside a clear broth, with lashings of fresh coriander over everything.

Next were
pork spare ribs with a hot bean curd marinade, then noodles lightly tossed about in the wok with celery, egg and chicken. Followed by crunchy whole green asparagus, lightly steamed and topped with fried onion pieces and soy sauce.

And finally some painstakingly-constructed layer cake, with alterning stripes of moist lemon and cinammon sponge. Mmm-mm.


Barbara said...

Hi Jennifer Welcome to blogging. Thanks for dropping by my site. You might enjoy meeting Arfi online at

I've added you to my reader and a link on my sidebar under Australian Foodies.

I'm looking forward to following your adventures in Perth.

Jennifer Susanto-Lee said...

Thanks Barbara. And thanks for the referral too..Arfi's food photography is absolutely stunning! One can only aspire.

wcgillian said...

Looks good. My wife is Thai and I enjoy her version of the ginger chicken as well. Nice job.