Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Review: Monza Restaurant

What to do with the family on a quiet Sunday morning? Head out for brekky I guess. We'd discovered Monza in Leederville last Mother's Day and, despite our 2yo falling off his chair (twice) we'd had a surprisingly enjoyable time. We sat outside. There were cars and traffic lights and people. He was a happy camper.

Anyway, we re-traced our steps today and ordered what we had last time because (a) we're slack and (b) we knew it was good and safe - double eggs benedict. Mmmm. Lashings of foamy hollandise sauce poured over thick creamy eggs and crispy bacon which were perched atop fat slices of crusty ciabatta bread. Sure the yolks were too hard for our liking but ach, you can't have everything cos then what would you do? Meanwhile our little one slurped busily on his newly-discovered vice, a babycino (hold the foam, add extra chocolate sprinkles, thanks) and eyed up the street traffic.

Despite the mild gale threatening to blow us and our table away, a good time was had by all.