Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick Review: Hayashi Japanese Restaurant

I warn you now, this review is completely biased as we've been going to Hayashi Japanese restaurant in Applecross since forever. It has a sweetheart of an owner, Jie Wu, who has watched over us before and after childbirth (though not during, that would be taking the client-restauranteur relationship too far). And they usually have great sashimi. The decor is so-so, a bit spartan but it does the job for a joint in the burbs. Although if Jie plays any more of that bloomin' tinny Japanese muzak we will have to have words..

I ordered a large sashimi dinner which consisted of miso soup, Japanese salad, plain boiled rice and layers of fresh sashimi. I'd just sipped my way to the bottom of my tasty miso and tucked into a couple of pieces of the oh-so-creamy rolled salmon when our 2yo decided he didn't want to play the grown-up-restaurant game anymore and we both hoofed it for the door, scattering dinner guests in our wake. So my meal sadly wound up variously stuffed and poured into semi-opaque plastic takeaway containers. Good news is I got to photograph it in the peace and comfort of my own home, hurrah! I'm sure there's something lucrative there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

The food here looks lovely. I love sashimi when it's at it's freshest.

You should check out Ha-Lu in Mt Hawtorn. Not necessarily for sashimi, but they do a lot of great simple dishes.

I feel your pain about bad restaurant muzak. I had the misfortune of sitting through the entire Kenny G anthology last week in an otherwise trendy establishment. There should be laws against it :)

Jennifer Susanto-Lee said...

Thanks Matt. Ohhh..I remember going to Ha-Lu a few months ago (shudder). Our dishes were served, and I ran outside and chundered all over their doorway. Haven't quite had the tenacity to return yet, tho I know I must.

The Jam sounds good this weekend. If I was into coffee (as in, if it agreed with me) I'd be down there like a shot, har har.

daphne said...

hey jennifer! Great to know another perth blogger!!! YAY!!