Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spanish Flavours, Wembley

Ay carumba, the price of a good paella these days.

After speaking with a Venezuelan friend who recommended this place for their authentic paellas ("It's good, but not as good as my mother's"), we just knew we had to give Spanish Flavours a go. So we call the proprietress, an energetic Spanish cook named Rosa, and ordered the paella the required two days beforehand. But man, is Rosa hard to snare. "Too busy cooking to answer the phone", she declares later. "Let them wait".
So we wait.

We arrive at the appointed time just as Rosa finishes decorating our paella with King prawns, red capsicum and lemon wedges.
The wait is indeed worth it. Rosa uses imported medium-grain Spanish rice for her delicious paellas, which is then reduced, risotto-style, with a secret stock. Saffron, squid, mussels, broad beans, peas, capsicum and runner beans are then added. Choices are either meat or seafood and when Rosa says it will serve four, she really means six as the portions are vast.

Oh, and it's $80 for 4 people, plus a refundable $50 deposit upon return of Rosa's Spanish flat-bottom paella dish which, she insists, the paella should be served directly from.


Angie said...

Glad to read that Spanish Flavours is really good especially I've been contemplating whether to have breakfast there.

Did you know that at the food court there's an El Salvadorian/Mexican stall? It's... ok. I wouldn't necessarily say it's authentic, but I didn't die from eating their food. ;)

Sanj said...

ah ive been meaning to try it. had a good chat with her the last time i was there to buy some morcilla. i love her energy, will have to get around to trying her paella.


Jen said...

Angie - I must admit, I didn't venture past Spanish Flavours, just a quick in & out. Could have spend a few $$ in her store though!

Sanj - Yes, she's an amazing woman, isn't she? Made me feel positively sluggish.