Sunday, November 16, 2008

Star Anise has a New Venture

*Hot off the press*

It's now, well, semi-official: Star Anise's David Coomer will be opening his new restaurant, tentatively named Pata Negra, in Nedlands next February.

"It will be Moorish-inspired, so will have a tapas focus," David told me today. "But it won't be exclusively tapas. There'll also be quail, octopus, tajines and vegetables roasted in the massive wood-fired oven. Most of the influences will be coming from Spain, Morocco and the Middle East. Our sous chef, Matt Stone, will be heading over there to run it and will be joined by Kurt Sampson. It will have a more casual, user-friendly feel than Star Anise".

Stay tuned..


Anonymous said...

hi jen,

thanks for this. i know u addressed this previously but there are still no plans to close star anise etc?

also, any idea where pata negra will be?


Tenina said...

You've been tagged Jen...ENJOY, see my current post!

Jen said...

Sanj - no, there are no plans to close Star Anise & David will still man it. Pata Negra (David's "96% sure" that'll be the name) will be opening in Nedlands, near Star Anise.

Tenina - thanks for the tag honey! I enjoyed watching your acting prowess.

James said...

It's opening on the corner of Bruce St and Stirling Hwy.

Jennifer Susanto-Lee said...

Thanks for your comment, James. I've written an article about it for the June issue of Cravings magazine. Looks like it's going to be a doozy!